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for Eric - meeting the sheriff

Hotel Lenore was set to open at the end of the week. Janette had closed up her home in Paris, and officially made the move to London. She'd spent a night and two days, when not sleeping, unpacking and putting the final touches on the suite that would be her home for the next twenty years or more.

It was time, she decided to make herself part of the London community. Others might disagree, or not consider the issue at all, but for Janette, that meant introducing herself to the sheriff. If he'd been in the position before she began work on the hotel, this meeting would have happened then, but he was only recently appointed, so she'd waited until her move was complete.

She chose her dress carefully, aware it was probably better suited to the other main vampire bar in the city than to Blood Diamond, which seemed on the face of things similar to The Raven she'd left in Toronto. But this was also a meeting between sheriff and former sheriff, and she wanted to make an impression. Her hair hung in loose black waves just past her shoulders, and her vampire-pale skin and large blue eyes were made even more dramatic with smoky eyeshadow and blood red lipstick.

Every vampire club Janette had ever frequented had their own rules and customs, and as she entered Blood Diamond, she took in as much as she could with a businesswoman's eye. She asked the bartender for recommendations for 'something red,' and after a brief conversation of burgundies and bordeaux and a zinfandel from California, she ordered a glass of a burgundy she knew Patrick enjoyed, mostly for appearance's sake. She gave the bartender a smile and a generous tip, then pulled a card from her purse and held it out. On the front Hotel Lenore was printed in embossed red letters, and on the back, in her elegant script, simply Janette. "Would you please invite Mr. Northman to join me for a moment, and perhaps a drink. At his convenience, of course."
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Eric had sent feelers out to know more about this Hotel Lenore, since rumors had it it would cater to vampires. He'd heard that the owner wasn't there for now, but that meant that when he got the card, he recognized the name immediately. Janette, and Hotel Lenore.

He was talking to some other dead patrons when he was handed the card, and looked in the direction he was indicated. She certainly was a sight. He nodded, and excused himself from his current conversation.

He was dressed the way he regularly was inside the Diamond. Black jeans, black tank top, hair slicked back. Given his physique, he didn't need any more to make an impression. He walked over to Janette, doing nothing to hide that he was headed straight for her as he wove his way through the crowd.

"Janette," he greeted her, since that was the name she had written. "I'm Eric Northman."
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"About time, yes," Eric agreed, and shook her hand when she offered it, a slight narrowing of his eyes the only sign that he hadn't expected the gesture. It was so... human. But he seemed amused and friendly - by his standards. "You're about to open, aren't you?"
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"Your son?" Eric echoed. While not all vampires talked of progeny, they rarely resorted to that sort of human word. Child, sometimes, but he'd never heard them called sons and daughters. That was taking it a step too far into a concept that had nothing to do with their lives.
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Eric nodded once, in acknowledgment of that last sentence particularly. What a curious thing to do, adopting a human. "If we get to know each other better, I'm going to have questions." There was a hint of amusement in his voice; he assumed every vampire would have questions about that.
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"Good thing I said better, and not completely," Eric remarked with a small smile. "You used to be a sheriff, didn't you?"

Not an actual question; he had done his homework.
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The Authority liked to decide a great many things, Eric did not answer, for knowing her way too little. He did nod his understand of what she hadn't quite sad, though. "Why London, then?"
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"They will likely require your services now and then," Eric pointed out. Neutral ground was less of a necessity, but that sort of hotel, more so. It balanced out, in the end.
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"I like Paris better, but everywhere is better than fucking Louisiana," Eric noted evenly.
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"Fortunate, yes," Eric confirmed. "It's full of little but rednecks and fangbangers."
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"I'll take the welcome back," Eric neatly sidestepped, trusting that she would take it as a 'no' to the first half of her question. "Thank you."
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"The law is the same here as everywhere else under Authority rule," Eric replied. "We don't want humans picking up on our existence. That means minimizing human deaths, and the use of glamours is encouraged. I trust you to run your establishment as you see fit, but if you need my help, you know where to find me."
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"I would've stopped by if you hadn't beaten me to it," Eric assured her easily. He paused, then added, "I'd appreciate it if you warned me, if anyone of importance showed up at your hotel. I'd take it as a personal favor."

He would owe her.
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Eric nodded his head, and did not thank her. This would be mutually beneficial, after all. "Whenever you want to come to the club, you're welcome to. There's a VIP area upstairs where you can bring your meal, or find volunteer donors."
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"Have a good night, Janette," Eric replied with a nod, and watched her thoughtfully as she walked away.