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Eric Northman ([personal profile] thenorthman) wrote in [personal profile] vampcharmante 2016-06-29 09:41 pm (UTC)

Eric had sent feelers out to know more about this Hotel Lenore, since rumors had it it would cater to vampires. He'd heard that the owner wasn't there for now, but that meant that when he got the card, he recognized the name immediately. Janette, and Hotel Lenore.

He was talking to some other dead patrons when he was handed the card, and looked in the direction he was indicated. She certainly was a sight. He nodded, and excused himself from his current conversation.

He was dressed the way he regularly was inside the Diamond. Black jeans, black tank top, hair slicked back. Given his physique, he didn't need any more to make an impression. He walked over to Janette, doing nothing to hide that he was headed straight for her as he wove his way through the crowd.

"Janette," he greeted her, since that was the name she had written. "I'm Eric Northman."

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